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Gift Aid for iPhone

An app which makes it simple to claim tax relief on your Gift Aid charity donations. It's also a great way to record your donations even if you don't have to complete a tax return.

Adding a new donation

Record Your Donations

Enter your donations as and when you make them. It's really simple and takes only a few seconds. Your privacy and discretion are maintained because your donation history and totals are only displayed when you choose to see them.

If you make regular donations by direct debit or standing order, you only have to enter the details once and Gift Aid will log new donations as they occur.

Tax summary screen

Simplify Your Tax Return

When it's time to complete your tax return, just look at the year's tax summary and copy the totals into the Charitable Giving section. If you've ever searched for details of donations you made during the past year, you'll know how much time this can save you!

Where to Buy It

Gift Aid is available from the App Store now.

This app will pay for itself not only in the time you save, but also in the tax relief you can claim.

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